Thank you for choosing Life Pixel as your camera conversion provider! You’ve definitely made the right choice.

We’ve prepared this short series to explain the various camera conversion options available and to help you make an informed decision when placing your order. Please review this section carefully without skipping over anything.

The Process

1 – Read this guide
2 – Place your IR order
3 – Send your camera to us
4 – Receive your modified IR camera
5 – Start shooting amazing infrared images!

The conversion process is quite straightforward. Once you had a chance to review our site and have a good idea of what you want you would need to place an order for conversion. You will be emailed your order receipt along with shipping instructions on how to send your camera to us. We will notify you by email when we receive your camera, then once more when your camera is complete and on it’s way back to you. You receive your camera, read our Quick Start Guide and start shooting!

IR Camera Differences

As you know cameras are designed for normal (visible) light photography and in order to make them shoot infrared, ultraviolet or full spectrum there will be some functional differences to know of and consider before committing to a conversion. The most important decisions of course will be:  filter type, calibration type and camera model. Once you know your choices for these you will be ready to place your order and start on your own invisible spectrum photography journey.

This series consists of these sections:
Introduction (this page)
Filter Choices
Focus Calibration Options

Lens Consideration
Camera Consideration

Lets go ahead and proceed to the next section: NEXT – Filter Choices