Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Infrared Photography & Conversion FAQ

Which digital cameras do you modify to infrared, full spectrum & ultraviolet and what is the conversion price?

Please explain the difference between the filter choices you offer?

What form of payment do you accept?

What is your turnaround time?

How do I order?

Do you accept international orders?

How do I send you my camera?

Can I drop ship from directly from a retailer?

Could you ship back in the same box and packing materials?

I received my camera back after conversion, now what?

I have a scratched sensor, can you help me?

Can I just order the infrared filter and do the conversion myself?

Can the Fuji S2 pro be converted to IR?

I attempted to convert the camera to IR and broke it, can you repair it for me?

Can you redo a conversion done by someone else?

I recently purchased your IR/clear filter and have since decided I'd rather have you convert the camera for me, can you use the filter I purchased and what is the cost for you to convert?

Can the converted camera be used for thermal imaging?

What exactly do you do to the camera?

Why is this better than using a infrared filter in front of the lens to block visible light?

What kind of filters do you use for conversions?

Can I use the camera metering after infrared conversion?

Can I use the camera custom white balance function after conversion?

Do I need to manually focus to the IR mark or will the auto focus work for infrared?

Do you make sure there is no dust trapped during the conversion?

Do you provide focus adjustment instructions for DIY filter customers?

What will the noise be like after infrared conversion?

Is this permanent or can the camera be converted back to original?

Can I see some example infrared images?

Can I see a full resolution image?

Will point & shoot digital cameras have the same infrared image quality as DSLRs?

How do I clean the infrared filter in my modified digital camera?

Do you have an affiliate program?