UV Ultraviolet Photography Gallery

Video – UV vs Visible light comparison with the application of sunblock

Sunblock being applied to face in visible light & ultraviolet UV light. As you can see this sunblock absorbs UV light rays and therefore appears to be black in the UV only video. In visible light it looks like ordinary lotion.

Human skin in UV (ultraviolet) & visible light

As you can see UV light behaves completely differently than visible light and shows all of the sun damage & hyper pigmentation. The melanin in the skin absorbs ultraviolet light to protect the skin. The more tan the skin, the more melanin is released from melanocytes and the more absorption of ultraviolet light occurs. You can also see that the eyes appear entirely black in the UV image, this is because eye chromophores absorb UV rays for protection against UV light damage.

Common Dandelion Flower Visible vs Ultraviolet photo comparison

100 Euro bill UV security features under UV light

Cocktail drinks under UV light (black light)

DNA filled pipet loading agarose gel wells under UV light source

More UV photography photos coming soon…