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5.00 out of 5
9 customer reviews
(9 customer reviews)

$120.00 + Options

Prefer learning with an instructor? Then you will love our training sessions. Sit in the comfort of your own home and learn live, one on one via online screen share. We can even use your photo/s to show you what YOU want to learn.

Just enter some details on what you want to learn and if you like to supply your images to give the instructor some time to prepare for your session accordingly.

New optional add-on: We can create a video recording of your training session as a video file download, that you can watch and replay anytime you like.

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Product Description

Prefer learning with an instructor? Then you will love our training sessions. Sit at the comfort of your own home and learn live, one on one via online screen share. We can even use your photo/s to show you what YOU want to learn.

Just enter some details on what you want to learn and if you like supply your images to give the instructor some time to prepare for your session accordingly.

We can also supply you with a video recording of your training session so that you can review later in case you missed something.

Scheduled on Central Time (CST/CDT) & shown below –  you need to adjust for your time zone.

Training topics can include:

  • Basic adjustment (tones, levels, contrast, brightness)
  • Color Channel swapping
  • Burning and dodging
  • Selective Desaturation
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image creation
  • Working with Filters & Plugins
  • Layering and Layer masks

About the instructor: Dan Wampler – LifePixel Creative Director

Dan Wampler is an internationally published digital artist living in the Midwest. He has spent most of his career in the Photography industry, has literally trained thousands of photographers. Dan became interested in digital Infrared photography a little over 10 years ago, and since then has had work in numerous gallery exhibits and in several publications including Shutterbug magazine. He currently has an image on the cover of a bestseller in Tokyo. Dan teaches Infrared image capture techniques, and digital image Post Production techniques online.  No matter what your experience level is, he can help you get the most from your Infrared photography.

Some of Dan’s Before & After Images:

You can view some of Dan’s IR work in his infrared gallery and read his articles on his author page.

Contact Info

Please direct all training related inquiries to Dan Wampler, Life Pixel Creative Director.
By Phone: 866-610-1710 ext 5
By Email:

Training Session Policies

Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy

Because of the one on one nature of our training sessions each time slot is reserved only for the individual that booked it, therefore we must strictly enforce the policy below. This policy applies to both the complimentary and paid sessions.

Client Preparedness: It is the client’s responsibility to read/watch all provided specifications and instructions, such as how to connect to your training session, equipment and internet service speed requirements. We highly recommend acquiring, downloading, installing and testing all necessary software and equipment well in advance of your scheduled session. We are always glad to help with any questions or issues you encounter during this process if contacted well ahead of your session but ultimately, it is your responsibility to be prepared for your session. Late arrivals or missed sessions due to technical difficulty will not receive special treatment and policies below will still be enforced.

Missed Sessions/No shows: If you flat out miss a session without contacting us in advance to reschedule then your session will be considered complete/forfeited. We cannot reschedule or refund missed/no show sessions.

Late Arrivals: Arriving to your scheduled session late will leave you with less total time as we cannot continue your session beyond your session time slot. Else, we ourselves will be late to the next scheduled session with another client and therefore the time you miss by arriving late is lost and cannot be made up or applied toward another session.

Rescheduling: We realize that situations occur that may prevent you from attending your appointment, and we will make an attempt to reschedule you into an open slot, if available. However, you MUST contact Dan Wampler (your instructor) at least 8 hours in advance of your scheduled session.
Due to lost time and limited availability we cannot reschedule a session more than once. If you miss or cannot attend your rescheduled session it will be considered complete/forfeited.

Cancellations/refunds: All session booking orders are final and non-refundable. 30 minute complimentary sessions are only available once per qualifying conversion order per customer and cannot be purchased separately.

Video File Add-On Policy

Availability: Training session videos are only available for purchase at the time of your original booking order and cannot be added or purchased later.

Delivery: If you ordered your session with the video file option then we will record your session, process the file and make the finished video file available to you via download link within 5 business days.
Your session video download link will be active for 30 days, giving you plenty of opportunity to download, verify file integrity and make a backup copy for safekeeping.
After 30 days the link and file will be deleted and will no longer be available.

Disclaimer: In case of rare technical failure or malfunction which could result in failure of video recording, your sole remedy is a refund of the video file add-on price of your training session.

How To Connect To Your Training Session

9 reviews for One on One Online Training – 2 Hour Session

  1. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    David Morring (verified owner)

    The two-hour review with Dan was one of the best investments I’ve made in my infrared photography. The time allows you to go into in-depth photoshop techniques with Dan. Dan is a thoughtful, patient and encouraging teacher. I learned so much in this session, and I’m so thankful that I had it recorded. I refer back to our recorded session regularly as I experiment with post-process my photos. Well worth it.

  2. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Scott A Bohon (verified owner)

    Just did a two hour session with Dan and it was great. I would highly recommend getting the video as well, as Dan knows so much about IR photography and using Photoshop to process images in unique ways that to get the most out of the session, review of the video is essential. Using my own images was very helpful; Dan shows how he uses various techniques to develop the image and uses his own images to emphasize points as well. His “actions” downloads are very helpful as well. I plan to do another session in a few months to learn more and more. Overall, a great help and value. Make sure you use your own photos too; it will make a difference.

  3. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Bill Jorgens (verified owner)

    As an IR newbie with limited Photoshop experience, Dan’s 2-hour session is the perfect starter. Highly recommend purchasing the recorded video session !!! Exceptionally knowledgeable about photography in general and IR specific, Dan’s an excellent source.
    Two hours with the session video in hand is enough to build a basic understanding and practice shooting and editing images.
    My plan is to shoot/edit for a month then return for another 2-hour session to answer the questions and processes I need additional instruction on. Then rinse and repeat until I have a firm understanding of the basics.
    Dan’s great. Congenial, professional and a wealth of knowledge.

  4. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Stephen Berger (verified owner)

    I just completed a 2 hour session with Dan. He is very patient and knowledgeable and explains a vast amount of material in a precise and easy way to understand. Dan shows many examples of how to be creative. The 2 hour session went very quickly and it made me want to even learn more from him. I would definitely recommend getting the video. It will enable you to go back and review the material covered as often as you want. I am looking forward to continuing my learning and have scheduled another 2 hour session in a few weeks.

  5. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Irene Bergamini (verified owner)

    After taking the 1/2 hour session, I recognized that I had a lot more to learn about infrared photography and post processing. I decided to go with the two-hour session as I felt the time and flow of instruction would be more beneficial in covering numerous topics and asking questions.

    I was not wrong and found the two-hour session to be very helpful. Dan was able to respond to my questions and showed different options and looks on some of my photos. There was a lot to learn and I took advantage of purchasing the recording of my session so I did not have to concentrate on taking notes. I would highly recommend the longer session as it gives you a lot of information and a number of options for post-processing. As I conquer these skills, I believe it will open up to even more creativity with infrared.

    Dan is patient and an excellent instructor. His instruction is clear with an easy to follow workflow.

  6. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    John Rice (verified owner)

    Yesterday I had a two-hour session with Dan. We basically covered everything from camera settings, postprocessing, printing, to hardware software recommendations. Dan has a considerable depth of experience within the field of Infrared photography and he is more than willing to share it. Which makes him an excellent resource to go to. I personally gained a unique understanding on the complete spectrum of IR photography from capture to print. This has opened the door to an entirely new area for photographic art. If you are considering IR photography, I can highly recommend Dan as an excellent resource.

  7. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Chris Hager (verified owner)

    Had a great 2 hour training session with Dan and looking forward to apply the learnings to my images. Video option is great to review the editing steps while working on the images. Dan was very engaged and went through the session at a very comfortable pace answering all my questions completely. Dan also showed me examples from his work to further explain his editing style and workflow which I thought was very beneficial for my learning. Overall, I can highly recommend these sessions for people like me who have basic skills in PS and just recently started with this fascinating type of photography.

  8. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    Gary Oehrle (verified owner)

    The two hour session was both a recap and extension of the the one hour session focused on IR image post production. Time
    flew by and holds ones attention. Plenty of time for Q&A and exploration of topics.

    I strongly recommend the purchase of the videos given the extensive amount of information and technique covered. Better than taking
    notes or relying on memory recall. A “refresh” over time.

    Using my images greatly enhanced the experience, value and applicability to my level of experience. Getting my images back with complete layer details is a plus.

  9. 5 out of 5
    9 customer reviews

    David S. (verified owner)

    You may be wondering why you should invest the time and money for a two hour session with Dan. You could certainly break the session down into two one hour or four half hour sessions and cover whatever material you want to learn.

    I chose the two hour session because I am new to photo editing and knew I had a lot of ground to cover. I wanted the time to go through the process (how to look at an image, define the subject, and then select the tools and processes needed to guide the viewer’s eye to the details I want them to see) without being rushed, and to have the opportunity to explore alternate paths for the same image.

    I’m glad I chose to do it this way. Dan guided me through the editing process for four photographs: a portrait, an infrared landscape, a low light interior, and a cityscape. Each presented different challenges and opportunities, and we were able to discuss a range of tools. We also had the time to explore “what if we did _____?”, something that a shorter session might not allow. The extra time also allowed us to talk about the “philosophy” of photo editing, the ways of breaking down an image into pieces and how you can use the pieces to emphasize or deemphasize details to strengthen the overall image.

    I highly recommend investing the time in the two hour session. Come prepared with several photos (6-8) to choose from, then take the time to work them to a point where you are satisfied. You probably won’t get through them all during the session, but you will gain the skills and confidence to continue with the rest on your own. You can always schedule a follow-up session to go over the ones you do on your own and ask Dan’s advice on improving them further!

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