Hyper Color Infrared Conversion

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2 customer reviews
(2 customer reviews)


A New Kind of Infrared!

We are incredibly happy to announce our brand new Hyper Color IR! With this filter you will be able to capture images like never before! After years of research and development, we are able to bring forth a new experience of infrared to the market.

Natural looking skin tones combined with a teal/purple color palette makes for beautiful portrait shots! Match your Hyper Color converted camera with the Lensbaby lenses we sell and you’re in for a treat! Landscape shots look out of this world straight out of the camera! Blue sky? No problem. Purple, magenta, and everything in between for the foliage and accents.

This filter is going to revolutionize the infrared community!

If you have a full spectrum conversion already, purchase our Hyper Color Infrared External Filters here.

Don’t have a camera to send to us? No problem! Buy a new or used camera from us and select Hyper Color IR!

Place an order and send your camera in today to get in line! Or purchase a camera from us here.


Product Description

  • Use in camera white balance as well as Photosop or Lightroom sliders! No more manufacturer’s RAW converters!
  • Even MORE control for B&W than our Super Color Filter!
  • Shoot in more stopped down apertures as hotspots aren’t as likely to show up!
  • Use externals of any of our other filters to get that result!

Lens Calibration Information

*Universal Lens Calibration option allows you to focus IR with most lenses by using any of these 3 methods:
1 – In Live View Mode with auto focus (preferred method)
2 – In Live View Mode with manual focus (alternative method)
3- Using the IR focus marks (Fall back method for cameras without Live View mode)
Universal calibration is NOT recommended for cameras without Live View mode

For a detailed information on each focus calibration type please see the Focus Calibration Options page of our Start Here section.

1 Year Conversion Service Warranty

Warranty-label-product-thumbCompany warrants the conversion service for a period of 1 year from date of conversion order completion. The warranty is void if the tamper sticker is damaged or removed, converted components have been tampered with, subjected to any abuse or misuse, or if failure to operate properly arises from any foreign elements such as dirt, corrosion, or liquid identified as present within the converted components. The warranty does not cover any other components of the camera except the conversion service and components provided by Company as part of the conversion service.

You must notify Company of a warranty claim within the warranty period, obtain RMA number and ship to Company facility as instructed. The Company is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments, shipping insurance is highly recommended. The Company will repair or replace the conversion and/or conversion components or provide you funds to do so, as determined by Company.

In case of damage during shipping Customer must retain all shipping materials and contact Company within 10 days of shipment receipt to allow for a shipping damage claim to be filed. If Company determines that the damage occurred during shipping and shipping materials were not retained and/or Company was not contacted within 10 days of receipt then the warranty is void.

*This is an excerpt, please see our Terms of Use document for complete details.

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Camera Brand

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm

2 reviews for Hyper Color Infrared Conversion

  1. 5 out of 5
    2 customer reviews

    Charlie Stone (verified owner)

    I had a Hyper Color conversion done to my Canon T6s. I also purchased a Visible Light Bandpass and Super Color external filters. All the photos taken in the 3 bands are fantastic looking. Plus, I get the bonus of only carrying one camera and if ever decide to add an additional band, I can get another filter.
    The LifePixel folks are very friendly and extremely helpful, answered every question I had promptly. This is my 4th conversion by them and I highly recommend these folks!

  2. 5 out of 5
    2 customer reviews

    Tim ONeill (verified owner)

    I recently converted my Sony Nex 6 back from Super Color to Hypercolor. To hedge my bets, I ordered an external super color filter for my most used lens. Using the external and attached internal lens the normal super color shots were identical to the original converted camera. I have not done a lot of hypercolor shots yet but have some portrait shooting in the near future which I will share. BTW, this is my 6th conversion from Life Pixel.

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RELEASE: By ordering the infrared conversion service you agree to have your camera converted to infrared by removing the original hot mirror filter and replacing it with a custom infrared filter. You understand and agree that the above outlined procedure will void the camera warranty. You further understand that there is no way for Life Pixel Infrared to know if the camera you are sending has been previously tampered with or damaged before it is sent. You release and agree to hold harmless Life Pixel Infrared from any and all responsibility and liability resulting from sending the above listed camera and any and all possible damage resulting from having the above outlined procedure performed. Life Pixel Infrared disclaims any written or implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

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